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    From Ogg@CAPCITY2 to All on Sunday, January 08, 2023 23:20:00
    My 3rd installment of new music discoveries and some

    https://open.spotify.com/user/6mhrz90aernzucux1fjas12u9/ playlist/6j0WbPbq9kUPUPJUs7cXVW

    A short list: 10 songs, at about 42 min.

    [1] Fear of the Flame, Logan Staats.

    [2] It All Comes Down to Love, Shawn Mullins

    [3] Things That Go Bump In The Day, Rodney Crowell

    [4] Anthem, Father John Misty

    [5] Deadman, Logan Staats

    [6] Ingnorance Is The Enemy, Rodney Crowell

    [7] Georgia Moon, Pierce Pettis

    [8] When It Comes Down To It, Tasmin Archer

    [9] Somebody's Daughter, Tasmin Archer

    [10] Hole In My Heart, Piece Pettis

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