• Ultimate Back Scratcher?

    From Ed Vance@CAPCITY2 to All on Sunday, September 27, 2020 20:37:00
    Note to Moderator - I wrote this in the Survivor Echo and later thought that my idea could be of help to readers in other echos.
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    I think that a "Baby Bottle Brush" is the ultimate Back Scratcher I have
    tried using.

    Just thought I'd tell about my discovery to those who read this echo.

    The "Bottle Brush" I have, has a long handle of twisted wires.

    I can use it all over my back.

    As Jerry Clower tells about the feller up in the tree top with a Lynx
    who hsd tp hollor out to his friends on the ground:

    "Just shoot up here amongst us, One of us just has to have some relief".

    The Bottle Brush is a lot better than the plastic Back Scratcher that has
    the shape of a very small hand on the end of it that I won while trying
    to win one of the better prizes at a Game of Chance in the Arcade at a Amusement Park years ago.

    The long tiny handle broke when I used it many years ago and the pieces were thrown in the trash.

    I threw those pieces away long before any "Recycling Program" was thought of
    to recycle plastic to keep it out of the trash or getting in the waterways.

    I will keep using that Bottle Brush (or a replacement for it) as a Back Scratcher, until I learn of some other way to scratch what itches on my back that works better.

    It works for Me!, but I'm open to learn of any other instrument that anyone uses or knows about that does the job as well or better.
    Estecially if the cost for that other thing is very cheap.

    I don't know what a Bottle Brush replacement sells for today but if I need
    to buy another one the Scotchman part of me won't keep me from buying one
    if I need another one.

    73 de Ed W9ODR . .

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