• Passing variables

    From Chronos@THETIMEM to All on Thursday, March 03, 2005 20:26:00
    Ok, I need some help here... I have a NES java emulator and I am trying to pass the variable of the romname in the url. I have successfully done this and can use the document.write to display it to see if it works. And it does. My problem is being able plug the variable into a applet. Here's the applet..

    <applet code=NEScafeApplet

    <param name=ROMFILE value="roms/zelda.zip">
    <param name=SOUND value="true">
    <param name=LIGHTGUN value="false">


    Where I am trying to plug the variable into is the ROMFILE value section. I am passing just the name of the rom itself (i.e. zelda). Using something like
    <a href="zelda.html?name=zelda">Legend of Zelda</a>
    to pass the variable. Can this be done? I just wanted to not have to have 20 html files for the different games.



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