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    From MCMLXXIX@MDJ to All on Thursday, September 02, 2010 21:02:42
    Hello "all"

    I've spent some time cleaning the cobwebs off of some JS games, and they are coming along quite nicely. I know the majority of you are more interested in the old popular games, but if you run a synchronet bbs and want some things to play, there are quite a few running nicely.

    All but one are interBBS, and I (personally) think it would be pretty sweet to have a few systems linked up.

    If you'd like to get a preview of the games, my useless Guest account is available and you can check them out @ bbs.thebrokenbubble.com, or you can just set them up and try them for yourself.

    I haven't done much promotion for these, but I'm starting to get bored playing with (and by "with" I mean "by") myself.

    Games: Boggle, Battleship, Dice Warz I & II, Chess, Blox, Maze Race and more to come in the future...

    P.S. ....there will be some bugs, and updates, and changes down the road for all of these, but at this point they are working well enough to have some fun.


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