• Fat Fish...

    From Bill McGarrity@TEQUILAM to All on Saturday, January 11, 2014 17:09:00
    Just tried installing Fat Fish door. Got almost everything working except one tiny little error as follows:

    !JavaScript ../xtrn/fatfish/fatfish.js line 37: ReferenceError: ANSI is not

    I've downloaded the latest copy of fatfish.js and saw line 37 is as follows:


    Being I had Auto Detect set as my default, I went back and manually set the ANSI. Getting the same error.




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  • From echicken@ECBBS to Bill McGarrity on Saturday, January 11, 2014 22:31:14
    Re: Fat Fish...
    By: Bill McGarrity to All on Sat Jan 11 2014 17:09:00

    !JavaScript ../xtrn/fatfish/fatfish.js line 37: ReferenceError: ANSI is not defined

    Looks like a small error in Art's most recent change to that file. I just committed a fix that should get rid of that problem.

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