• vanguard assault pack...

    From tracker1@RDBBS to dove.synchronet.programmi on Saturday, May 22, 2004 03:31:00
    okay.. for anyone that wants an idea of what the assault pack's menu shell
    will work like.. login here, and go to the message section...

    I was working at things differently than before anyhow.. this should be
    happy for all.. :) note, assault won't have the jump commands that the
    current s3 shell has, I will be revisiting a few things in this after
    assault is done...

    new name for s3 shell will be Simplicity... about a month off, but put
    a lot of time the past two days making the messages work... it's slightly different from what most may be used to... hit the read option, and you
    will see.. ;)

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