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    From KenDB3@KD3NET to Zero Reader on Monday, September 05, 2016 22:27:54
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    By: Zero Reader to KenDB3 on Fri Jul 29 2016 01:02 am

    On 07/28/16, KenDB3 said the following...

    You did a really great job, I wanted to say kudos. Would you mind if
    I tried to emulate what you did? Or, if your work is open source,
    would you mind if tried to rewrite the whole thing from Python into
    Javascript and credit you with the module?

    Thanks! I'm not a coder or anything and this was the first thing I ever did in Python. It started out just outputting the data like a list, and then I just started adding onto it, making that template for it, etc. I originally wrote it for DayDream BBS, but I re-did it and started using mystic's MCI codes rather than ANSI positioning.

    I run the script as a door from the BBS, or it could be a timed event, and it just generates a text file which is then displayed to the user.

    The module that does the heavy lifting is xmltodict, which I'm told is very similar to JSON. I use it for some other stuff like a Top 10 Box Office listing, and I had a Summits on the Air spot lister once upon a time also.

    You're free to use whatever you like. I was basically just riffing off the solar widgets from hamqsl. I actually sent him a screenshot of it in action and he loved it.

    My post was basically because I was tinkering around to see if I
    could even play with the data before I started attempting to write
    anything else.

    Good luck with it! Let me know if you want to see the Python and I'll try to figure out a way to make it available. I never really released anything because my code is so bad I didn't want to get ridiculed for it, heheh.

    In the meantime, I hope this solar flux index goes back up. I can't make any magic happen on the airwaves...

    So, I figured I would jump back on this thread to let folks know that the JS Port of your program is working (and has been for a little while now), and I finally made it available now that I don't see any bugs (yet).

    So, for anyone reading that was interested :-)

    Download from the web here:

    FTP here:

    In my file area here:

    And you can pick it up or clone it on GitHub here: https://github.com/KenDB3/alco-solar-JS

    I'll probably throw a post into advertisements as well, because I have another door that I recently decided to release that gives you the price of Bitcoin and a historic price chart.



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