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    From KK4QBN@KK4QBN to All on Sunday, June 18, 2017 21:34:06
    Hello all,

    So anyone had experience with the json-chat module?

    I've tried loading this with no luck, it just exits right back out out with no errorlevel, etc.. I'm not passing any argumetns to it, and loading it in externals under scfg using ?../exec/load/json-chat.js. I'm sure I'm missing a good bit.. because I believe the modules under ../../load and mods need to be called by another js, etc.. I dunno.. and what is HOTLINE, I've never seen any of this really be used. yet it is setup.

    I do not have the json-chat SERVER running on my machine, I set it up to use the brokenbuble server so it could be InterBBS chat instead of local. I really just wanted a quicker means of InterBBS chat over InterBBS instant message. telegram features, etc.. which I believe will go away pretty soon anyway. I guess I'll just get IRC set back up and going instead, until I can figure out the json-chat. I think I missed a big chunk of information when a lot of the new JS was being devoloped when I was on Hiatus, or it would not have been a problem with me.

    Now all these extra JS modules, etc just set here and I want to make use of them but cannot find much docs on them if anyy. I think Ihave done good on some of them though, considering my level of intelligence when it comes to JS, as I have gotten some of the broken scripts and modules under the XTRN directory working when they were broken and giving compile/runtime errors.

    I think My system, being a mix of an older sbbs system, along with a lot of the newer stuff on CVS is what is mixing me up.. right now my system is a patchwork of a lot of different things, shell scripts, JS scripts, even BATCH scripts that run under DOSEMU to do what I need to accomplish, but I want to consolidate and future proof everything.



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