• LORD Color Fixer

    From KK4QBN@KK4QBN to KenDB3 on Wednesday, June 21, 2017 05:55:39
    Hi Ken,

    Remember the LORD color fixer you built that strips the LORD color codes out so the raw ansi can be posted, etc?

    afaik, I was the first to test this nifty app and it worked so good. UNDER WINDOWS,

    Now that I try to use it under linux, it will turn the source file and export file null, nothing in either, this is very strange indeed. I've done nothing to change this file. I checked your website that is in the header and it will not load. I'm lost for words..

    I'm going to get some sleep and see if you have put it on git or something.

    But until then, all the LORD score files on BBSLinkNet are going to look hinky.



    Tim Smith (KK4QBN)

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