• ProxyService.js

    From Drakmir@HDONE to All on Tuesday, October 11, 2005 14:17:00
    I've finished the first draft of my proxy service javascript module for Synchronet. You can find it (and its brother TWGSRobotProxy.js) at http://www.holodeckone.com/tools/index.html.

    Feel free to write drakmir@holodeckone.com with any suggestions, enhancements, etc. There is still a problem with sending "zero" bytes inside the proxy. Right now it ignores these. For some reason, the unix telnet client seems to send alot of these. MS Telnet and Hyperterminal seem to almost never send them. No clue on this yet.

    socket.sendBin(0, 1) seems to cause random crashes on my machine. Not sure why or if there is a pattern to the crash. The RLogin data sent in TWGSRobotProxy never seems to cause me a problem, so I'm not sure what the reasons are.

    Anyway, feel free to use, modify, copy, distribute this script. Just if you modify it, take ownership of the modified version or send me a copy. :)


    Alan Wood
    Sysop of Holodeck One

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