• RSS content??

    From Finnigann@BNB to All on Saturday, November 12, 2005 07:41:00
    OK this RSS thingie is pretty cool (I think so anyway)

    But content is the key.

    So it comes to mind that game scores MAY be of interest if you have some dedicated gamers.

    I have seen smbutil used to (but not well documented) for importing text
    files into Mail messages.

    The syntax is:

    smbutil -cDOVE-ADS i -tAll -fFinnigann -sBBS_Ad ic:\sbbs\xtrn\bbs_ad\BBS_AD-G.ans

    So for the RSS feed for the game Keno, I can use:

    smbutil -cRSS -i -tFinnigann -sKeno-stats iC:\SBBS\TEXT\QWK\BLT-0.010

    The last item is from the bulletins where KENO game scores are created
    via the game itself.

    Ok it LOOKS like smbutil can create text messages in the RSS feed sub,
    and if this bite of instruction is tacked onto the start batch file OR
    the cleanup command with varibles added, it could create an RSS feed
    message everytime someone plays that game.

    Now, do I create multiple RSS subs for each game, or for games that are
    alike (in some manner)? (Triva games, word games etc)

    Can RSS.INI handle multiple instances of RSS?

    I presume the links are created the same way.

    Now, to get the links out to the users along with instructions and more
    links to resources for feed readers...

    Can I get some comments on this idea?


    usage: smbutil [-opts] cmd <filespec.shd>

    --> -c = create message base if it doesn't exist
    -a = always pack msg base (disable compression analysis)
    --> -i = ignore duplicate messages (do not store CRC)
    -d = use default values (no prompt) for to, from, and subject
    --> -t<s> = set 'to' user name for imported message
    -n<s> = set 'to' netmail address for imported message
    -u<s> = set 'to' user number for imported message
    --> -f<s> = set 'from' user name for imported message
    -e<s> = set 'from' user number for imported message
    --> -s<s> = set 'subject' for imported message
    -z[n] = set time zone (n=min +/- from UT or 'EST','EDT','CST',etc)

    l[n] = list msgs starting at number n
    r[n] = read msgs starting at number n
    v[n] = view msg headers starting at number n
    --> i[f] = import msg from text file f (or use stdin)
    e[f] = import e-mail from text file f (or use stdin)
    n[f] = import netmail from text file f (or use stdin)
    s = display msg base status
    c = change msg base status
    m = maintain msg base - delete old msgs and msgs over max
    p[k] = pack msg base (k specifies minimum packable Kbytes)

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