• Stupid javascript tricks

    From Mindless Automaton@ELDRITCH to DOVE-Net.Programming_(Jav on Monday, December 05, 2005 09:45:00
    Alrighty, there's a thread in Sync Discussion base about no one sharing javascript, so I thought I'd share mine and show you why I don't share
    them? Check this out..

    I use this to display a random logoff.ans. You have your logoff menu
    and use this as the option to logoff the user.

    //Here comes the script..//

    var num = random(5)+1; //Change the number in the parenthesis to the number of ansis you have.

    //End of script//

    So this is an okay basic script I guess. One problem with it is that
    you have to specify the number of ansis. A better script would peruse
    the text directory for logoff.* and then display one randomly.

    I haven't bothered to figure out this additional stuff yet. :)


    Mindless Automaton
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