• TypeScript definitions for Synchronet

    From Tracker1@TRN to DOVE-Net.Synchronet_JavaScript on Wednesday, September 30, 2020 07:27:27
    In case anyone is interrested, working on TypeScript definitions for Syncrhonet.


    It's taking a while to translate all the docs from the object reference
    web page, but getting through it... once I have all the existing
    structure typed out, going to work on getting a build pipeline tool to
    make it easier to use node/typescript style tooling to build scripts for
    use with Synchronet.

    src/interface/bbs.ts is probably the most complete example... finished
    it then circled back to just start copying properties for everything
    first, then will do methods... since most of the property docs are a relatively easy search/replace.

    Most of the /sbbs/exec/load/*defs.js have been translated to enums under src/defs/*.ts for use as typed values in the object/class definitions.

    Michael J. Ryan
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