• Frame.js and ansi music

    From Kirkman@GUARDIAN to All on Monday, May 02, 2022 22:17:03
    Hey Deuce, I have an ANSI music question for you.

    I have a sound effect I want to play. Right now I'm using this sequence:

    <0x1b>[0m<0x1b>[24;1H<0x1b>[8m<0x1b>[MB T255O3B8B16O4E4 <0x0e><0x1b>[0m

    This works in SyncTerm. The music plays in the background ... but it also garbles whatever graphics are being displayed on screen.

    After looking at cterm.txt, I feel like this sequence is probably not the best. It has some extra stuff in it that I'm sure is unnecessary. I'd like to switch to using the CSI | (pipe) format, but I can't get it to to work.

    This is what I tried:

    <0x1b>[=0M<0x1b>|B T255O3B8B16O4E4 <0x0e>

    Anyway, just looking for suggestions on the correct cterm-compliant way to play a musical sequence, but without screwing up any graphics that might currently be displayed on the terminal.


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