• RSS - Additional Service

    From Mindless Automaton@ELDRITCH to DOVE-Net.Programming_(Jav on Thursday, July 06, 2006 12:32:00
    In index.ssjs, add this line to the template.additional_service area:

    template.additional_services+='[' + ("RSS".link("http://"+host +"/rss.ssjs" +http_port)) + '] ';

    When you load up your site, you'll have an additional service for RSS.

    Clicking the link from the main page will bring up a list of feeds you
    have set up.

    Unfortunately, clicking the feed link does not seem to activate my rss
    reader, which is Firefox+RSS plugin. So I'd have to copy/paste the link manually. No big deal to me tho.

    -Mindless Automaton
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