• Apostrophe Nest Syndrome

    From Mindless Automaton@ELDRITCH to DOVE-Net.Programming_(Jav on Thursday, July 06, 2006 23:50:00
    Can anyone tell me what the correct way to nest the quotes/apost's in
    this bit of code:


    for(c in channel_list)
    <a href=" + channel_list[c].name.link(link_root + "?channel=" + channel_list[c].name) + ">
    <img src="http://eldritch.darktech.org/icons/rss.gif" /></a>' +
    " - " + channel_list[c].description);


    The image and description are ok, but the image's link is:

    http://eldritch.darktech.org/+ channel_list[c].name.link(link_root +

    So I figure I need to do the quote something like /" or ?

    The end result should be an image link instead of a test link for the
    rss feed.


    Mindless Automaton
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