• Finger augment

    From Finnigann@BNB to All on Thursday, January 24, 2008 23:56:00
    Could finger have some memory added?

    I mean like hitting TAB to finish off a finger request with a previously
    typed in domain name (to the RIGHT side of the '@' symbol).

    Repeated tabbing would cycle thru all of the addresses already entered.
    This could be on an individual (Just this session) basis or some sort
    of user file, or it could be an ALL-time-ever entered file, anyone could use-file.

    It seems to me that while it's parsing the input, it could ADD the RH
    bit to a list.

    Maybe a HIGH light bar with the first five addresses from the list
    already displayed. Or typing in:


    Would take you directly to the first entry on the list beginning with

    Would this be very hard?

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