• Help with 'random routine

    From Sysop@PERKUNAS to All on Monday, February 12, 2001 17:26:00
    Not too much traffic here..

    So I will ask for help. I'm trying to write "random string" routine,
    something like rumors, but not exactly. I want random string to be
    displayed in menu, everytime it redraws.
    I do it this way: define strings like str STRING1, str STRING2, etc..
    then i set STRING1="Blah, blah,...", set STRING2="Blah,.. ", etc..
    Now i want them display in random order. How do i do this?
    i tried something like:

    random STRNUM 10
    sprintf STRNAME "STRING%ld" STRNUM
    print STRNAME <--i know this is wrong, but how do i print the
    content of say, STRING2?

    i also tried with command printfile_str (putting my strings
    in .asc files in text directory), but couldn't acheive my task either.

    I know these questions may sound stupid for some Baja-pro's, but
    i hope some Baja guru finds time to help..

    Nidas (just resumed my BBS, and learning Baja)

    ■ Synchronet ■ perkunas.thebbs.org * Kaunas, Lithuania