• Need some help

    From Terminator@CHATFREE to All on Monday, July 30, 2001 14:07:00

    I need some help and this is my first day using baja. Security on SBBS is my major concern and I like to know who the users are.

    Can someone write a small door program using baja.

    What I user executes the door program it will save the users host and mask in to a string and the users email address.

    For example if the users email address is ptaylor2@cox.rr.com and the users mask is ptaylor22@cox.rr.com I need to compare it as

    email address converted from ptaylor2@cox.rr.com to cox.rr.com.
    Users host and mast of ptaylor22.cox.rr.com is converted to cox.rr.com

    Then I need to compare them. If they match the door will upgrade there acces level. If not then it will say sorry your access level can not be upgraded and exits.

    I could really use some help on this.

    Thank you
    Sysop bbs.ChatFree.org

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