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    From Ksandre@PERKUNAS/TALAMASC to All on Saturday, September 02, 2000 21:58:00
    RE: File Transfer Database
    BY: Amcleod to PistolGrip on Fri Sep 01 2000 10:08 pm

    Oh I _see_! (Sufficiently out of touch not to have realised.) I didn't realize that the protocol drivers were all DOSish legacy apps.

    Actually, I now recall DM asking me about Z-MODEM source code some long time ago. Unfortunately, I could only think of the usual "Open Source" candidate like the rz/sz X/Y/Z-Modem software found on most Linux boxes...

    Is this discussion perhaps relevant to my continuing problems UPloading TOD's REP to The_Talamasca? (I have no trouble DOWNloading, but uploads are impossible and I have many observations to describe if this discussion is relevant to that issue - and it appears that it could be.) If so, I'd be happy to keep up with my testing and reporting (I gave up once I found the same issues were true while using Linux). NOTE: I have not yet used a telnet "client," only a terminal program (now MiniCom). I have no transfer problems otherwise - only to BBSs. (I think I recall being able to upload to a PCBoard_BBS via telnet awhile ago, but that SysOp was watching, so s/he may have helped.)

    Sorry, I'm in rambling mode today it seems....I could have stopped at Line3. :-D


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