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    From Beta to All on Saturday, November 17, 2001 01:12:57
    <Amcleod> wrote in message news:1273...
    I'm only asking out of curiosity:

    Several years ago, I wrote a BAJA ditty that rewarded users for posting messages. It would award 5K credits per post (each SyncOp could change
    amount) and every time you saved a message, you would see a little message advising you that you had been rewarded. If you uploaded a REP-packet,
    the messages were unpacked/tossed, you would see a little progress-bar in
    fashion, expanding to the right, one "." per message. Then you would get
    message saying you had been given XXX credits (depending on the number of messages in the REP-packet).

    I used this on The ANJO BBS back before it died, and I know that several other BBS's out there adopted it and used it as well. Alas, the majority
    these (actually, ALL, I think) boards have now gone the way of The ANJO
    BBS as well.
    Anyway, my question is, does anybody know if this little BAJA proggy
    today? Sitting in a BAJA collection in someone's File-base? Or on one of TommyKnocker's Synchronet CD's or something?

    The reason I have described it so carefully is because I can't actually remember the NAME of the file/archive, and in any case I think most people re-named it to suit their taste. But if anyone knows of it, I'd like to
    from them.

    Alas, I do not know where my Sync CD is anymore... :~( How ever, if I do
    ever find the CD I most definately will look for it, as well, I think I will contact UCD and ask him if he has it in the archives somewhere....