• Great BAJA IDE :)

    From Grymmjack to All on Wednesday, January 09, 2002 09:09:37
    Hey guys,

    I'm somewhat new to synchronet and baja, but i've got loads of experience with other languages and softwares (Mystic, Iniquity, etc.) .. Anyway I set up my copy of UltraEdit (a great Win32 text editor that can adapt to your every need) to handle Synchronet stuff (.asc, .msg, .sif, .src) so that it performs Syntax Highlighting on any file with those extensions when opened. I have also configured a "tool" in the tool menu to compile the .SRC files with BAJA.EXE and what's so great is UltraEdit can capture the output and show you in a log window which is docked at the bottom of the editor..

    If you want to see what i'm talking about point your browser to :

    Then if you want, get a copy of UltraEdit, and download my WORDFILE.TXT from http://www.sector7bbs.com/WORDFILE.TXT and copy it over your existing WORDFILE.TXT in the directory where you installed UltraEdit to.

    If you need any help configuring UltraEdit, let me know. I use it for all of my coding needs..

    Look forward to hearing from you guys :)

    - grymmjack "the original mutant"
    sysop: sector7 BBS (telnet://sector7bbs.com)