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    From Fantastic@THOLBBS to All on Monday, February 18, 2002 12:23:00

    Trying to make sense of this source.
    Is this the way it "should" appear? I loaded it into an old DOS editor and it looks better than when I had it loaded in WORDPAD. WORDPAD was showing more funky characters. What is a good editor to use?

    # Display main Prompt
    print " - c\r\n■ b hMain n c■ h"
    **not quite sure what to make of -c
    \r\n = CRLF
    What is the " b h" before Main, and the "n c" h after Main?
    Per the manual regarding text colors.. the prompt code above does not appear to include color information, this would be set in TEXT.DAT?

    compare_ars exempt T <<< what is this for? Time Used vs Time Left?
    print "@TUSED@"
    print "@TLEFTend_if
    print " n c[ h@GN@ n c] @GRP@ [ h@SN@ n c] @SUB@: n"
    ** This makes sense, but what are the n c and h?

    Are these formating codes the same I would find in a "C" reference manual?
    If so I will refer to a "C" book.

    This is very cool.

    The manual mentions creating modules with BAJA, can you create full blow doors using this language?

    I AM starting to read through the manuals in more depth as I discover the level of custimization.

    Thanks Again


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