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    From Constantine@TMCBBS to All on Friday, July 03, 2009 09:42:21
    I have a question about SMTP e-mail setup. When I configured my BBS a few years ago, I decided I didn't want to support internet e-mail, so I disabled all of the options in Synchronet. Today, I thought it might be a good idea to turn on e-mail notifications so that users could get an e-mail when a new message was delivered to them on the BBS. I really decided to turn this on for me, since I don't log in every day, but would like to know when someone sends me a message.

    Here is my problem, my BBS address is tmcbbs.com, so it views that domain as internal. However, I do not host e-mail accounts on it. Instead, I host e-mail for that domain via G-Mail / Google Apps. My Sysop account has a netmail address of sysop@tmcbbs.com which is hosted at Google. So, when I set my BBS account to forward new messages to my netmail account, they never make it there since tmcbbs.com is viewed as a local domain. Is there a way I can set it so that tmcbbs.com is still the address for the BBS, but that the tmcbbs.com e-mail domain is not treated as local?

    On another note, is it possible to enable new message e-mail notification without enabling the ability for users to send e-mail? In other words, do I have to set Networks->Internet E-mail -> Allow Sending of E-mail to "Yes" in SCFG in order for e-mail notifications to work?
    Here's a little background info on my system:

    Synchronet 3.15a
    Windows Server 2003
    Telnet only


    Don Pezet
    The Mushroom Cloud BBS

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