• major bug

    From Reaper Man@TALAMASC/TIME/FLAMINT to All on Friday, July 16, 1999 20:10:00
    this is the most destressing thing I can think of...
    a bug that by all logical defines should not exist, numbers that are what they cannot be by definition of the program...
    what is happening? Is it possbile for memory being used for variable space to get overwritten with other data?
    how can hitme which is tested for 1-9 right before the move is made, equal to 25 whch can only be a value of x?

    I will create another sub dir int he distro archive which contains the data I have collected and hopefully someone who is more farmiliar with baja can point out what I screwed up on so that the game can run the way it is supposed to.

    I have looked at this so many ways, slept on it, walked away, steped throught the logic it is rediculous, I NEED help!!!!

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