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    From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to Kurt Weiske on Thursday, January 27, 2022 10:31:08
    Hello Kurt,

    Thursday January 27 2022 07:09, you wrote to me:

    I keep around some of the old P/H/A/C files, t-files from a couple of groups
    I knew, and zines from the 90s, but it feels pointless to add anything
    new to them, since you can find most anything on the internet.

    Understand that. I have about 30 shareware CDs, including Simtel's "10,000 DOS Shareware Programs" and several OS/2-specific CDs. I have Pete Norloff's OS2BBS.com filebase which is about 13GB of everything OS/2 including some very rare files. I now have a full mirror of Janis Kracht's former website which is around 30GB.

    It's all in cold storage on a hard drive and when I finally get a LTO-4 tape drive I've been promised, it's all going on a tape into a media safe in my storage room until needed.

    I agree with your thought about adding anything new to a filebase unless it's something you specialize in.

    In the 25 or so years I have been running a BBS, I have rarely had anyone download any files except for my Cheepware software and network files (meaning nodelists from various networks, the filegate info, et cetera) so I just cannot see a need to be a file hoarder anymore.

    The exception to the rule was the mirror of filegate.net because of the large file archives that site had; it would have been a shame to lose all of those files and work.

    Perhaps, when I can afford a 8TB drive, I might offer those large file archives for throttled download.

    -- Sean

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