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    Depends on the board and the day. I've only had the board back online a little over 3 months and usually get between 5-15 callers in a day, depending on the day. Weekends it tends to drop off to 2-3. One of the other boards in town has the largest active majormud game and still gets 300 calls a day. Unfortunately I don't see a lot of engagement from my users in the message forums

    The numbers are surprising. I need to log in to a few and conduct a
    bit of research. I doubt files or messages are the main attraction because of search engines. It would be nice to find a way to strike a chord in people and get them participating in message areas again.
    That is one thing that these areas are lacking.

    What I've seen has been some boards that specialize in games having many
    users there for the games... But I've seen at least one board that has
    a decent user base and activity that I'm pretty sure is mostly for
    messaging... It all depends on what the user is really there for. For
    my part, messaging has always been the primary purpose, all along...
    beginning decades ago... :) And I just never left... :)

    ttyl neb

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