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    I'm active in, with a few games like Scrabble and KOTB attracting a
    little of my time and attention... :) I know of at least a few other
    users like myself... :) One of the boards I go to seems to be part of
    some sort of games co-operative, with people logging onto other bbses
    showing up in the "sidetalk" of the bbs ("so-and-so logging on to x
    board" sort of thing showing up at the prompt)... there seem to be quite
    a few active users there in the conglomerate....

    What bulletin board software as a user find more favorable or like to
    use? I know bias is not limited to system operators. As a user back
    in the day I certainly biased toward a preference.

    Back in the day, Telegard was hands down my favorite.... and early on I particularly did NOT like Wildcat... but at one point there was a WC
    board that was configured a lot nicer from a user's point of view, and I
    got over that negative bias... Nowadays, there are still ones that I
    feel more comfortable with than others, but I'm mostly just happy that
    there are still bbses period, and that the network is still alive... :)
    As a Bluewave offline user, I like having bbses that might be able to do
    the BW natively, instead of only having QWK... but I'm a lot more
    flexible nowadays than I used to be... :)

    ttyl neb

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