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    Having A Sysop As A Pet Courtesy Of: Fred Hunt, KK5AA
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    From the Feb. 1998 issue of "Wavelengths", the monthly newsletter of
    the Arkansas Radio Emergency Services Amateur Radio Club, Little Rock,
    Arkansas. The Wavelengths editor at that time was Fred Hunt, KK5AA.
    Originally designed for a "pet Ham" (amateur radio operator), I've
    modified this for BBS Sysops. While the ham radio club is still in
    existence, the newsletter ceased publication long ago.


    The pet Sysop is one of the most intelligent of pets, often seeming
    almost human. But, he can also be one of the most difficult to keep.
    Only a person with a great deal of patience and understanding should
    attempt to keep a pet Sysop. The following is a short guide to some of
    the most important things that you should know about caring for your
    pet Sysop.


    Your pet Sysop should have a private area of his own, an entire room,
    if possible, where he will not be disturbed. He will spend many happy
    hours alone there, with his collection of treasures (boxes, power and
    phone cables, hardware and software cards/programs, BBS and Twit lists
    from other BBS's, etc. that he will bring home regularly). He should
    be encouraged to confine his activities to this nest room, in order to
    protect the rest of the house from his natural tendencies toward noise,
    clutter, and making holes in the walls.


    Raising your pet Sysop can turn into an expensive hobby. But, unlike
    most pets, the pet Sysop can be trained to work outside the home for
    short periods, and thus, bring in enough money to cover all of his


    The well behaved pet Sysop will be able to eat with the family on
    occasion. But, he usually feels more comfortable and secure, if he can
    take many of his meals in the privacy of his nest room. It will be
    your responsibility to see that your pet Sysop is kept well supplied
    with food and drinks during the long periods of time that he will
    spend alone in the nest room.


    Pet Sysops can usually be trained to use the family bathroom


    Most pet Sysops can be trained to respond to a few simple commands.
    The easiest for him is SIT, READ, and TYPE. Once your pet Sysop has
    learned these commands, he will sometimes practice them on his own
    for hours at a time.


    The pet Sysop is especially subject to minor irritations of the
    lower back, and tired wrist; from too much sitting and typing. He
    also may suffer from tired and hurting eyes, depending on his age
    and monitor. These can be relieved by sufficient rest periods when
    symptoms flare up.


    Your pet Sysop will gladly travel with you in the family car, if he
    is allowed to bring some of the collection from his nest room. His
    favorite trips will be to places where he can associate with other pet
    Sysops from other families.


    If you plan to breed your pet Sysop, you should do so as early as
    possible after you get him. As the pet Sysop matures, he becomes more
    and more reluctant to engage in any activities not connected with his
    nest room collection!!

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