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    We had that sort of thing here in Rochester, too... back in the old
    days... :) Reinforced the sense of community... :) And at least one
    bbs grew out of a local computer interest group...

    I remember at one of the gatherings, a female Sysop (who ran an
    adult based BBS (i.e. "R" content) would be "carding" potential users.

    I never saw that here... :)

    And the COOKING echo picnics are a different form of the same idea...
    getting together in person, putting faces to names, and real-time
    interaction... ;)

    The funny part is that you make a mental image of the person you
    type with...or as in the case of ham radio, talk with. But, when you finally meet them in person, they don't look at all like you pictured them!!

    That partially happened at the first Cooking echo picnic I went to...
    but there were a couple people there that looked a lot like what I'd
    thought they might. Years ago, back when the Genealogy echo was a
    thriving echo, I went to a Genealogy conference in Baltimore, hoping to
    meet some of my friends from the echo.... I saw one lady facing away
    from me, and said to myself, I bet that's Elsie... and sure enough, so
    it was... and she was almost exactly how I'd pictured her... a very
    sweet grandmotherly sort... :)

    ttyl neb

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