• EZY 3.0

    From Leslie Given@1:275/91 to Jim Haight on Sunday, January 17, 2016 02:51:01
    Hello Jim!

    16 Jan 16 08:28, you wrote to Shawn Highfield:

    Shawn, Ezy is pretty interesting. I got it up and running and figured
    out how to telnet it with Net2BBS/netfoss but when I looked at the
    fido setup in the manual, it sort of freaked me out. I still have it
    in a different directory.

    HEHE.. this is funny. After i saw warp4 posting about Ezycom .. I thought that i'd check it out for myself. I decided to take the ezy/net2bbs route, as you did. Took about 10 minuties to telnet in and create the first user account.
    I was kinda surprised that after I completed the default Q&A. Default ezy, just
    up and dropped the connection. Anyway, it reminds me alot of Remoteaccess, but looks to be more all-in-one with the FTN bells and whistles. If and when I ever
    figure out how to validate myself...LOL I might just continue playing around. That makes me wonder if there are any RA-2-EZY Convert utils. That would make things much easier to port parts of it over in less time.

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