• Mystic BBS v1.12 Alpha 8 Released

    From James Coyle@1:129/215 to All on Friday, March 25, 2016 17:45:49
    Mystic BBS v1.12 Alpha 8 has been released for all platforms:

    Windows 32-bit
    Windows 64-bit
    Linux 32-bit
    Linux 64-bit
    Linux ARMHF V6 (Raspberry Pi, ODROID, etc)
    Macintosh OSX


    Lots of changing behind the scenes in this release, and not every one of them is in the WHATSNEW. I'm very pleased with how 1.12 is coming along so far
    and I can't wait to get working on some more big features.

    The UTF8 stuff makes using Mystic dreamy out of the box on UTF8 native
    systems like OSX and Raspbian.


    ! Fixed Pi crashing in A7 on login from MIS

    + Cleaned up the BINKP server authentication logging to be a little more
    clear when describing what its doing. It should be much easier to
    understand even with full debug logging on.

    ! (Hopefully) fixed issues with Shell, BBS events not honoring the day of
    the week during execution. Reduced the resources used by the event system

    ! User editor was not properly saving the "Never delete" flag

    + Added "getuser" and "onekey" functions into Python and updated the
    testpython.mpy in the default install. This will continue to be updated
    as new functions and features are added and I need to test them.

    + New menu command *T opens the theme editor

    - Removed all door menu commands except for DD and D3. The old ones will
    continue to work for now, but there are only 2 commands (DD and D3) to
    execute a DOS or Door32 door. Mystic creates all drop files now for any
    door execution.

    + %0 now gives the socket handle on door command lines in Linux (like it does
    already in Windows)

    ! Deleting file bases using the file base editor was not properly deleting
    the data files when selected to do so.

    + File Base editor now has a /Reset command similar to the Message Base
    editor that will reset the file listings in the base, while maintaining
    all of the other important details (user scan settings, echo exports).

    ! Fixed a problem with duplicate file searching in Linux, but *everyone*
    should make sure they run the MUTIL file base packer so Mystic can
    regenerate indexes for their file listings.

    + Lots of UTF8 cleanups. Mystic now has a Local CodePage option which is
    used as the default when the -L command is used (local login). This
    allows separate defaults local console vs an incoming caller.

    + UTF8 was not working in -CFG mode. It now uses the local codepage.

    + INSTALL program for OSX now defaults to using UTF8 and no longer bleeds
    screen data after viewing update/whatsnew.

    + ReWrote the group changing code. Calculation of the number of bases per
    group should be much faster now.

    + MUTIL will now honor the local codepage and run in UTF8 in Linux/OSX

    + MIS will now honor the local codepage and run in UTF8 in Linux/OSX

    + NODESPY will now honor the local codepage and run in UTF8 in Linux/OSX

    ! Fixed kludge lines bleeding into ANSI in some ANSI message posts

    ! Fixed a bug sometimes causing OSX to error with "Cannot find MYSTIC.DAT"

    + FILES.BBS importer now has a few new options to help speed things up as
    well as support more variations in formats. See Wiki or MUTIL.ini for more

    ! The uploader name would show the date in listings when a file had zero
    lines of description (a situation Mystic itself cannot create)

    ! After tossing nearly 3 million echomail messages, I think I finally found
    a bad memory reference which I hope could be the cause of some strangeness
    seen by one or two systems over the past year or so. Fixed either way.

    + Local Codepage now defaults to UTF8 in OSX (OSX defaults to UTF8)

    + INSTALL will now exit if the any of the directories already exist instead
    of letting you reinstall over. Sorry for those who like this option I
    will probably as a Yes/No at a later date.

    + Local Codepage now defaults to UTF8 for Pi (Jessie defaults to UTF8)

    + NodeSpy terminal now also supports CTRL+I and CTRL+D to delete after I
    realized that Apple keyboard have no INSERT key. Apple is so weird...

    ! Some fixes for screen artifacts in OSX and Pi, things look very pretty
    and although no one uses it, the OSX version is really coming along!

    <ALPHA 1.12 A8 RELEASED -- Mar 25, 2016>

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A8 (Windows)
    * Origin: Sector 7 [Mystic BBS WHQ] (1:129/215)