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    From Gaylen Hintz@1:288/34 to All on Thursday, June 09, 2016 18:40:25
    I'm having a bit of a problem working with JcQwk and my Proboard
    setup well actually it's the same thing with OLMS2000 as well.
    I can post a message or reply to one but it will put the wrong
    aka on the origin line. Now the docs tell me to run convert
    simul2 to create a config.ra that is readable by the programs
    but I've done that and I still have the problem.

    In the docs for JcQwk, it tells you to create a config.ra
    either using elebbs or remote access to create a config.ra but
    after configuring the program am I to copy that config.ra
    file to the Proboard directory and replace the one I already
    made using the covert.exe utility and if so , wouldn't that
    mess up the Proboard program?

    Any Ideas or help is appreciated.

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