• opendoors-py - Multi-platform Python door library

    From Sampsa Laine@2:250/7 to All on Wednesday, November 02, 2016 22:04:02

    Back when I wrote my Texas Hold'Em Door, I decided to
    make a unified Python library for both *NIX and Win32
    DOOR32 doors.

    Basically, you write one codebase and it runs out of the
    box with basically any *NIX system that has Python on it
    (more or less all of them).

    On *NIX, it uses stdio to communicate with the user so it
    runs like any other *NIX native program, which knows how
    to automatically parse DOOR32.SYS.

    For Win32, you change one line in your code to init the
    door library in Windows mode, run py2exe against your
    code base et voila' - you have a distributable Win32 EXE
    of your door.

    Check out http://www.sampsa.com/opendoors-py/ for more
    information and don't hesitate to get in touch over
    Fidonet (Sampsa Laine@2:250/7) or boring old email at

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