• Crashmail issues ?

    From Rj Clay@1:120/546 to All on Sunday, January 01, 2017 10:14:44
    Rick Christian wrote in the JamNNTPd echo:

    I ask since your using the CM II 1.5 version, and I would like to add
    to the K for others in the future...
    Even playing with some things on that CM II 1.5 version which should
    resolve this, on 64b systems,

    And I would be most interested in hearing what such as that might be.

    it still doesn't there is still a sneak 64 v.32b issue is there
    some where.

    And I've long thought that was the case for Crashmail II (and JamNNTPd perhaps as well), but I'm an admin and Debian pkg maintainer, not a C programmer (which I'm still learning) so I can only do as well as I can.

    There is an open bug in Debian regarding 64 bit issues for Crashmail: 742723@bugs.debian.org. Patches or just info are welcome (especially if can get it in time to get the pkg updated before the Debian freeze).

    I had thought about generating only 32 bit binary packages, but bugs can't be found for versions that aren't being made...

    Or there's the open ticket for 64 bit related issues at the SF project: https://sourceforge.net/p/ftnapps/crashmail/tickets/4/

    I thought I'd already also pushed my git repo to GitHub (like I did for JamNNTPd, at https://github.com/ftnapps/jamnntpd); I'll take care of doing that when I can.

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