• [WINServer] Wildcat! v8.0 Pre-release

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    From Hector himself:

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    Wildcat! V8.0 is NOT RELEASE, still in development and in testing. It
    is not release. If you have access the the Alpha AUP server, that
    does not MEAN it is release.

    More importantly, if SSI or ME does not make any official announcement
    than its not release.

    These days what BETA usually means is I give certain people and
    testers special access to new parts or parts to test. It is normally
    private and it is NEVER part of any AUP. We do have a
    list-wildcat-beta list for this and we should use for NON-RELEASE
    discussions. There is also a list-wildcat-alpha, but I never use it.
    I might do this, now for Alpha AUP discussions.

    But overall, to test the AUP server and to get the CD distribution
    setup BEFORE any official release, I setup the Alpha AUP server.

    ALPHA usually means its closer to release. We call it a PRE-RELEASE
    and normally pretty solid but needs testing and some final clean up
    stuff. This is where we put the Alpha AUP Server up for pre-release
    customers. This is where if, you are part of the AUP and want to get
    the pre-release, you can type:

    start AutoUpdate /server:alpha.winserver.com /port:4023 /log /times

    When SSI finally is ready to release, we will announce it and the
    Alpha AUP server is switched to the AIP Server with a command line
    switch which is at update.winserver.com and the normal port 23.

    start AutoUpdate /server:update.winserver.com /port:23 /log /times

    same as

    start AutoUpdate /log /times

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