• D'Bridge 3.99/SR44 released and availabl

    From Nick Andre@1:229/426 to All on Sunday, June 16, 2019 20:40:48
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    Copyright (c) by Nick J. Andre, Ltd.

    VERSION 3.99/SR44 - JUNE 16 2019

    A very minor release, but an important one. This release has a new option
    in CONFIG-PACKET/MAIL, called "Keep copies of all mail".

    If you wish to have D'Bridge keep a copy of all "raw" mail packets (*.PKT files) received, specify for the maximum number of days here. For example,
    7 means keep one week's worth of mail packets. Even as D'Bridge processes
    mail, it will still keep the copies.

    The INBOUND directory will have a subdirectory created, called COPIES.
    Inside will be ZIP-formatted files arranged by date, each containing the
    mail received, along with a text-file called yyyymmdd.LOG. This file
    will list the date/time, the system received from, and the packet filename. Copies older than the date specified will be erased.

    WARNING: This is an advanced feature. Do not enable unless you have a
    need to keep all mail files for troubleshooting purposes.

    By default, packets are "stored" uncompressed inside the ZIP files for performance reasons. If you wish for the ZIP files to be compressed,
    create a semaphore/dummy file called DBRIDGE.CCM (Compress Copied Mail).

    Nick Andre

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