• D'Bridge 4 minor update published

    From Nick Andre@1:229/426 to All on Saturday, January 11, 2020 00:48:20
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    Copyright (c) by Nick J. Andre, Ltd.

    VERSION 4 - JANUARY 11 2020

    Another very minor release:

    - An extra carriage-return is no longer added to the VIA kludge.

    - When the internal editor is set as Default Archive/Sent this is no
    longer reset to Kill/Sent on upgrades.

    - A fix for filtering by subject line.

    - A slightly increased log buffer size.

    - A new log file is now created, to assist with busy Hub systems and
    for overall "housekeeping". This new file, DBBINKD.SYS, contains the
    Fidonet address and date/time of the last connection. This log is "self
    updating", meaning, it will not contain duplicate addresses. You can use
    this log as you wish; for example with scripts or processes that help
    audit your D'Bridge system.

    One suggestion might be to create a batch file which just displays/
    refreshes the contents of this new log file. Note that the log is not
    sorted and contains no header, so I will add one and use the SORT command
    to show things from the oldest connection to recent. I will show things
    and pause for a minute, and loop... over and over again.

    echo off
    cd \db
    echo Date Time System
    echo -----------------------------------------------------------------
    sort dbbinkd.sys
    timeout 60
    goto ShowBinkLog

    - Very minor updates to the F1-Help system and user manual.

    Nick Andre

    --- Renegade vY2Ka2
    * Origin: Joey, do you like movies about gladiators? (1:229/426)