From Gary McCulloch@1:154/50 to All on Wednesday, March 11, 2020 11:48:40
    New/old echo re-added to FidoNet. The C-Net BBS Support echo on FidoNet is now
    re-activated. I am not sure how many years it has been removed, but it is BACK!

    Ask your FidoNet HUB to add CNET_BBS to the available echos on FidoNet today! If your HUB is 1:322.0/0 then you are already set! You just have to add CNET_BBS to your system.

    ArakNet, FidoNet and RetroNet all have Networked C-Net support echos now!

    CNET_BBS FidoNet's C-Net BBS Support Echo!

    -Spitfire Inc presents 2 Unique Systems...

    Reign of Fire II BBS
    C-Net DS-2 BETA System - rof.cnet64.com:6400
    Reign of Fire BBS
    C-Net Amiga Pro BETA System - rofbbs.cnetbbs.net:2300 - 931-494-9100
    * C-Net/5

    * Origin: Reign of Fire C-Net Amiga Pro BETA System (1:154/50)