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    ----[ http://public.sogetel.net/bicephale/eng/2k3updat.htm - Suite #2 ]-
    LSPPPDlr 2003 UpDate

    Add `RLFossil' (v1.23 for 8088+):

    C:\PPP>pkunzip -d c:\zip\rlfossil.zip rlfossil.*
    `-> [http://public.sogetel.net/bicephale/rlf123.zip]

    [Take note that i used a different archive name to reflect the fact that
    i'm hosting the 8088 compile, other sources/versions are non-8088 only.]

    Add Conex (v7.5):

    ftp://ftp2.itb.it/files/PC/SAC/comm/conex75.zip (94 Kb,
    October 23, 2000).

    Add the utilities necessary to PPPD330f:

    http://www.qsl.net/ve3lgs/nmo-e04.exe (499 Kb - prefered to `Yan').

    Options for the PPPD330f stand-alone/Hard-Disk install include MPack/MUnPack, UUEnCode/DeCode, EPPPD, Termin, XChange...

    Add `Net Mail for DOS' (v2.12):

    C:\PPP>pkunzip i:\zip\nmdos212.zip (1, 2, 3)
    | | |
    | | `----------------------------.
    | `-----------------------------. |
    v | | [ftp://ftp.bu.edu/pub/mirrors/simtelnet/msdos/internet/nmdos212.zip] | | [ftp://ftp.agt.net/pub/simtelnet/msdos/internet/nmdos212.zip] <------' |
    v [ftp://ftp.rediris.es/sites/sunsite.cnlab-switch.ch/mirror/simtelnet/msdos/internet/nmdos212.zip]

    N.B.: This 121 Kb archive contains... - NM.EXE/.TXT

    (also contains a copy of WATTCP.CFG)

    many more tools...

    C:\PPP>pkunzip i:\zip\apps.zip ftp.* ping.* tcpport.*

    This is where to get my latest custom {Commo} .MAC/.SET/.FON files
    and Batch-Files

    .- `2K3UpDat.ZIP' (140 Kb, Dec 3, 2004).
    `-----> [http://public.sogetel.net/bicephale/2K3UpDat.ZIP]

    As in other archives i published, "PKUnZip -d c:\recv\2k3updat.zip"
    will re-create the necessary up-dated subdirectory structure, if
    necessary, then copy the latest up-dates into their proper locations.
    Newer files override pre-existing files coming from the `LSPPPDlr 2002'
    and `PPPD330F' archives.

    Once my `Commo.BAT' file is copied at the root of drive C: ("C:\>")
    it becomes available as a DOS batch-file command. Type "COMMO" or
    "commo" and use an argument if you don't want the French-Canadian
    version (try "E" such as in "English")... Once proper .MAC/.SET/.FON
    {Commo} configuration files are loaded pressing [Alt][G] simultaneously
    starts the setup editor and the [Escape] key gives access to the quick Serial-Port selection menu, on exit.

    `LSPPPDlr 2K3' now has the custom menu on the [F10] Hot-Key, that's
    an option which happens to require the 3rd-party executable shown below:

    `pns52.zip' (25 Kb, January 14, 1992).
    v [http://www.filelibrary.com:8080/cgi-bin/freedownload/DOS/r/3/pns52.zip]

    The `CommoPNS.EXE' file must be ready or the "Menu" feature just
    won't be available at all...

    Updated on December 3, 2004 (being revised)

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