• Binkd 1.1a88 binaries for Win32, Win64, OS/2

    From Max Vasilyev@2:5057/19 to All on Monday, January 25, 2016 10:16:20
    Hello All!

    binkd11a88-binkd2e-perl-zlib-bzlib-bwlim.zip binkd11a88-binkd2e-zlib-bzlib-bwlim.zip binkd11a88-binkd2klibc-zlib-bzlib-bwlim.zip binkd11a88-mingw32-ipv6-perldl-zlib.zip binkd11a88-msvc-4gb-ipv6-static-perl-zlib-bzlib2.zip binkd11a88-msvc-binkd9x-static.zip binkd11a88-msvc10-4gb-ipv6-static-perl-zlib-bzlib2.zip binkd11a88-msvc10x64-4gb-ipv6-static-zlib-bzlib2.zip


    2016/01/24 23:32:38 1.1a-88 git
    binkd.c,2.124,2.125 breaksig.c,2.8,2.9 common.h,2.18,2.19
    Signal handling in pthread version on FreeBSD

    2016/01/24 23:00:48 1.1a-87 git
    Fixed segfault after session without perl hooks

    2016/01/24 22:54:12 1.1a-86 git
    binkd.c,2.123,2.124 breaksig.c,2.7,2.8 server.c,2.64,2.65 server.h,2.7,2.8 Servmgr returned to main thread
    But signal handler does not call exit(), just set binkd_exit flag

    2016/01/24 13:37:09 1.1a-85 git
    server.c,2.63,2.64 server.h,2.6,2.7
    Fixed warning on multithread version

    2016/01/24 13:33:08 1.1a-84 git
    binkd.c,2.122,2.123 exitproc.c,2.47,2.48
    Run servmgr as non-main thread on multithread version

    2016/01/24 13:27:10 git
    configure,2.55,2.56 configure.in,2.55,2.56
    Fixed gettid syscall detection in configure

    2016/01/24 12:28:41 git
    configure,2.54,2.55 configure.in,2.54,2.55
    gettid syscall exists but not working on Max OS X

    2016/01/24 12:28:08 1.1a-83 git
    pthread version without clock_gettime() - Mac OS X

    2016/01/24 11:54:14 1.1a-82 git
    branch.c,2.17,2.18 md5b.c,2.13,2.14 sys.h,2.46,2.47
    Fixed warnings for unix multithread version

    * Originally in RU.BINKD
    * Crossposted in BINKD

    WBR, Max.
    --- GoldED+/W32-MSVC 1.1.5-b20151130
    * Origin: Uptime 230 day(s) 2:19:57.58 (2:5057/19)
  • From Wilfred van Velzen@2:280/464.112 to Max Vasilyev on Monday, January 25, 2016 08:37:17
    Hi Max,

    On 25 Jan 16 10:16, Max Vasilyev wrote to All:
    about: "Binkd 1.1a88 binaries for Win32, Win64, OS/2":


    This one is working for me...


    --- FMail-W32-
    * Origin: point@work (2:280/464.112)