• Default commented config correction

    From Richard Menedetter@2:310/31 to All on Friday, January 29, 2016 10:05:34
    Hi All!

    The commented binkd.cfg contains this text:
    # * Asterisk (`*') in the host list forces Binkd to perform
    # 1:2/3.4 --> p4.f3.n2.z1.fidonet.net translation for a node's
    # Fido-address and lookup IP for the resulting FQDN in DNS.
    # Root domain part ("fidonet.net") can be changed with root-domain
    # keyword.

    I think it is not correct any more.

    fidonet.net has expired, and more or less replaced by binkp.net

    Also the lookup should only made if either
    1) root-domain is set globally
    2) the FTN domain definition contains the optional root-domain DNS
    # Your FTN domains:
    # domain <name> <main-outbound> <default-zone> [<root-domain>]

    I think this relates to my previous message, about othernet FTN domains being looked up as well, even when no root-domain configured for that othernet.

    CU, Ricsi

    --- GoldED+/LNX
    * Origin: fido.ricsi.priv.at (2:310/31)