• Othernet domains (possible binkd bug?)

    From Richard Menedetter@2:310/31 to mark lewis on Sunday, January 31, 2016 15:23:22
    Hi mark!

    29 Jan 2016 08:32, from mark lewis -> Richard Menedetter:

    i think that torsten is saying that you still must define a domain for that othernet...

    I had tried that previously.
    Does not make a difference.

    What I am looking for is a defnode * only for fidonet, and not for
    any other domain.
    you cannot... not in one config file... it is called "default node"
    for a reason...

    What does the "*" do.
    It looks up the node in the DNS domain.
    Which domain does it look up if you have not defined the default DNS domain (root-domain) and have not configured a DNS domain for that othernet.

    Looks like a bug in binkd then.

    you could, however, split your config into two... one for each FTN...
    then run two instances of binkd, on different ports, and keep them separate... then you can have defnode for fidonet only and whatever
    for your othernet...

    I will definitely not do that.

    I will wait until that bug is fixed in binkd then.

    CU, Ricsi

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