• defnode question again

    From Eugene Erokhin@2:5083/85 to All on Monday, November 07, 2016 03:17:12
    Hello everybody!

    I know there was a talk on defnode some time ago, but i still have a question i
    can't figure out myself:

    Will binkd call nodes that have no "node" entry in config file in case of "defnode *" defined? It seems to work as i understand from comments in the config, but doesn't seem to work in my case. I use binkd 1.0.4/win32, "defnode "* defined, i have binkp.net resolving addresses just fine, but no calls at all
    until i have a "node <address> <whatever>" entry for a node in config file. No calls, no log entries, nothing. Is this its normal behavior, or not?

    Please enlighten me, i have my brain boil trying to make it work without "node"
    keywords. Maybe i just waste time?

    Please excuse me if there was an answer in previous discussion. I may have missed something as english is not my native language.

    wbr! Eugene.

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