• binkd lower/uppercase in flo

    From Dumas Walker@1:2320/105 to All on Saturday, July 28, 2018 07:52:34
    Good morning,
    I am having an issue with binkd (well, probably really squish!). I am running a DOS bbs under dosemu on my debian box. DOS BBS uses squish tosser, while I am running binkd for linux (compiled from source this morning). I am using the ftrans in my conf file to get the paths remapped:

    ftrans "V:\\OUTB\\" "/var/spool/ftn/outb/"

    That works OK. However, I have been noticing this issue in my console:

    ? 07:15 [26624] start_file_transfer: /var/spool/ftn/outb/00000002.sa0: No such file or directory

    I think "I know it is there, I see it there!" But then I realize that the filename written in the linux path above is in all caps -- 00000002.SA0. Sometimes, squish (or dosemu) writes the file and the extension is in lower-case and sometimes it is not. Somehow, the name in the flo file is always lower. So, the names do not always match by linux standards (sometimes they do, too!).

    Is there a way to use the ftrans config setting, or another one, to tell binkd to ignore case when reading the filenames from the flo file?

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