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    A hat trick is one of the NHL';s rarest achievements with only 81 during the 2017-18 season, or roughly one in 6.4 percent of games. That';s more rare than a shutout, with 144 in 2017-18, or one in 11.3 percent of games, or a shorthanded goal, of which there were 211 last season, or one in 16.6 percent of games. Of the 7,552 goals scored last season, 250, or 3.3 percent, were scored in a hat trick.

    The greatest player of all-time, Wayne Gretzky, had 50 regular season hat tricks in his career, or one in 3.4 percent of his games. Active players Brian Gionta, Paul Stastny, Claude Giroux, and Nicklas Backstrom, all with over 200 career goals, each have one regular season hat trick. The point is that hat tricks are rare because they';re difficult.

    But they';re also fun and the potential for one has everyone in the arena watching with intrigue after a player reaches two goals in a game, waiting to toss hats onto the ice, participating in a tradition that dates back to the 1930s or 1950s, depending on who you ask. It';s because of how fun they are that I wrote all about them. There are many ways to look at hat tricks - by team, by player, individual season, career, regular season, and postseason. This post is about all of those and my goal is show that hat tricks are, in fact, fun.Single Season Hat Trick Leaders10 - Wayne Gretzky 1981-82

    Gretzky scored 10 hat tricks in a season twice and it';s no surprise that one of those occurrences was during the 1981-82 season when he scored a record 92 goals as a member of the Edmonton Oilers. The Great One had back-to-back hat tricks on Dec. 27 vs. the Los Angeles Kings with four goals and on Dec. 30 against the Philadelphia Flyers with five goals.Wayne Gretzky is the greatest to ever play the game so it';s no surprise that he had the most hat tricks in a
    season, twice finishing with 10. (Photo by B Bennett/Bruce Bennett Studios/Getty Images)

    Those hat tricks were part of a stretch when he had three in five games when including his Dec. 19 hat trick versus the Minnesota North Stars. Gretzky had two or more goals in 22 games that season. He had two hat tricks against the Flyers, one on Jan. 31 in addition to the one listed above, and two against the
    Kings with one on Nov. 25 as well as the one on Dec. 27.10- Wayne Gretzky 1983-84

    Gretzky';s second season with 10 hat tricks was the same season he scored 87 goals, second-most in history. He had 24 games with at least two goals, more such games than he had in 1981-82. He had back-to-back hat tricks twice. The first began on Jan. 4 with a four-goal game against the North Stars. It was followed up by a standard hat trick against the Hartford Whalers on Jan. 7.

    His second of back-to-back hat tricks occurred on consecutive days, Feb. 21 and
    22 against the St. Louis Blues and Pittsburgh Penguins, respectively, with four goals in each. Gretzky had two hat tricks versus the Winnipeg Jets, the only team he had multiple hat tricks against that season, on Nov. 6 and Dec. 21.9 - Mike Bossy 1980-81

    Arguably the greatest goalscorer in league history, Mike Bossy averaged .76 goals per game (G/G) for his career, highest in history using Hockey-Reference';s rate stat requirements. During the 1980-81 season, led the league with 68 goals and it was the fourth of nine straight seasons with at least 50 goals. He had nine hat tricks that season including two instances of back-to-back tricks.Mike Bossy is arguably the best goalscorer to ever play and
    has the highest goals per game rate in league history. He had nine hat tricks during the 1980-81 season, the same season he led the league with 68 goals. (Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios/Getty Images)

    His first set of back-to-back hat tricks started on Nov. 8 against the Chicago Black Hawks and ended on Nov. 11 with four goals versus the North Stars. His second time began with a four-goal performance against the Penguins on Jan. 13 and ended on Jan. 17 versus the Washington Capitals. He scored at least two goals in 16 games and had multiple hat tricks against one team, the Black Hawks.9 - Mario Lemieux 1988-89

    Mario Lemieux';s 1988-89 season was the best ever by a player not named Gretzky. Lemieux scored 85 goals, fourth-most in history, and 199 points, which
    made him the only player besides Gretzky to ever approach 200 points in a season. That season, Lemieux failed to register consecutive hat tricks but did net a goal in seven straight games between Oct. 11 and 25. During that stretch,
    he accumulated 15 goals and two hat tricks.

    He also scored multiple goals in 24 games and finished with two hat tricks versus the New Jersey Devils. He scored five goals along with three assists against them on Dec. 31 and had a standard hat trick on March 31.8 - Brett Hull

    Brett Hull scored 70 goals during the 1991-92 season, the third straight season
    he led the league in goals, and also the third consecutive season with 70 or more goals. He had no back-to-back hat tricks that season but did score two-plus goals in 14 games. He had his most hat tricks against the New York Islanders with two, one on Dec. 10 and a second on Dec. 21, in only three games
    against them that season.Brett Hull led the league in goals three straight seasons between 1990 and 1992. During the 1991-92 season, when he netted 70 goals, he had eight hat tricks, fifth-most in history. (David E. Klutho/Sports Illustrated)Most Career Hat Tricks50 - Wayne Gretzky

    Again, nearly every list for "the best" or "the most" of something in NHL history will include Gretzky and most likely, he';ll top the list. His 50 career hat tricks are 10 more than any other player and doesn';t include his 10
    postseason hat tricks in the NHL, his four WHA regular season hat tricks, nor his one WHA postseason hat trick.

    In addition to his two 10-hat trick seasons, he also had a season with six and two seasons with four hat tricks. He had seven NHL hat tricks against the Jets and one in the WHA against them, his most against one franchise. Using his 40 regular season NHL hat tricks, he scored one in 3.4 percent of his games as well as one in five percent of WHA games.40 - Mario Lemieux

    Lemieux played in 915 regular season games in his career, over 500 less than Gretzky, but still managed to have the second-most hat tricks in history. Lemieux';s 40 regular season hat tricks equal one in 4.4 percent of games. He also had three postseason hat tricks, including five goals against the Flyers on April 25, 1989. On top of his nine hat tricks during the 1988-89 season, he also had two seasons with six, one with five, and two with four hat tricks.Mario Lemieux finished with the second-most regular season hat tricks in
    league history behind Wayne Gretzky despite playing in 500 fewer games than Gretzky. (Tony McCune/Wikimedia)

    He totaled four regular season hat tricks against the Flyers, his most against one team, and added one against them in the postseason. He also had a four-goal
    game against the Flyers on March 20, 1993, his third of four hat tricks during
    the 1992-93 season when he played in 60 games.39 - Mike Bossy

    Bossy scored a hat trick in 5.2 percent of games he played, by far the highest among those on this list. In only 752 regular season games, he finished with 39
    hat tricks and added five in 129 postseason games. In addition to his nine hat
    tricks in 1980-81, he finished with five twice and had three seasons with four
    hat tricks. He had six hat tricks against the Black Hawks/Blackhawks, including two against them during each of the 1980-81 and 1983-84 seasons.33 - Brett Hull

    Hull finished with 33 regular season hat tricks, or one in 2.6 percent of games. He had at least three hat tricks in four seasons and had three regular season hat tricks against the Dallas Stars and Toronto Maple Leafs, including back-to-back hat tricks against the Maple Leafs on Oct. 24-25, 1990. Hull had one playoff hat trick, in 2002, as a member of the Detroit Red Wings against the Vancouver Canucks.32 - Phil Esposito

    Longtime Boston Bruin Phil Esposito was the career leader in hat tricks from 1978 until 1985 when Gretzky passed him. Esposito finished with 32 hat tricks, still fifth-most in history, quite a feat considering he hasn';t played in 37 years. He scored a hat trick in 2.5 percent of games and had four postseason hat tricks in 130 games. He had one season with seven hat tricks and three with
    four hat tricks. He victimized the Canucks throughout his career, scoring five
    hat tricks against them.Phil Esposito has the fifth-most regular season hat tricks in league history with 32, including five against the Canucks. [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsActive Hat Trick Leaders20 - Alex Ovechkin

    If you don';t include Jaromir Jagr, Alex Ovechkin is the active leader in goals
    by a wide margin. Therefore it makes sense that his 20 hat tricks in the regular season are tops among active players and ties him for 14th all-time. That';s equal to one in two percent of his games. He has three seasons with three hat tricks - 2007-08, 2008-09, and 2017-18.

    Ovechkin has his most hat tricks against the Ottawa Senators with three, one each in 2007, 2009, and 2017. That includes a four-goal, one-assist performance
    in an 8-6 win on Dec. 29, 2007. He also has one postseason hat trick, on May 4, 2009 against the Penguins when both he and Sidney Crosby had hat tricks.*15 - Jaromir Jagr

    Jagr is still technically an active player although it';s unlikely he plays in the NHL again. He has 15 career hat tricks, but hasn';t scored one since the 2014-15 season and with over 1,700 regular season games, he has a hat trick in under one percent of his games. He scored 10 with the Penguins, three with the New York Rangers, two with the Capitals, and one as a Devil.Jaromir Jagr has 15
    regular season hat tricks in his illustrious career, including three with the Rangers, his second-most with a franchise.

    He';s had three hat tricks in a season twice, in 2000-01 and 2005-06. His three
    hat tricks against the Bruins are his most against one franchise and all three
    occurred when he was a Penguin. Jagr has one postseason hat trick, also as a Penguin, on May 11, 1996 against the Rangers when he and Lemieux both had one.14 - Marian Gaborik

    Due to Marian Gaborik';s recent injury history, it';s easy to forget how consistent of a goalscorer he was early in his career. It';s an understandable sentiment to have; he had 30-plus goals in five of six seasons between 2001-02 and 2007-08 but hasn';t scored that many since 2011-12. He had three hat tricks
    in a season twice, in 2002-03 and 2010-11, but hasn';t had a hat trick since the 2012-13 season and has averaged one in 1.4 percent of his games.

    Gaborik has tortured the Colorado Avalanche throughout his career with two hat tricks against them, one as a member of the Rangers and one with the Minnesota Wild. His hat trick with the Rangers occurred on Jan. 31, 2010 when he scored all three of his team';s goals.14 - Eric Staal

    Somewhat of a surprising player on this list, Eric Staal has nearly 400 regular
    season goals and led the league with four hat tricks during the 2008-09 season. He has a hat trick in 1.3 percent of games and scored one in 2017-18 as
    a member of the Wild against the Blues on Feb. 27 when he had three goals and two assists.Eric Staal led the league with four hat tricks during the 2008-09 season and has 14 regular season hat tricks in his career. - Photo By Andy Martin Jr

    In addition to that hat trick against the Blues, he scored another against them
    in 2006 as a member of the Carolina Hurricanes. His two hat tricks versus the Blues are tied with the Atlanta Thrashers for his most against one franchise. Both hat tricks versus the Thrashers were with the Hurricanes, one in 2008 and one in 2010.13 - Ilya Kovalchuk

    If he weren';t returning to the NHL this season, Ilya Kovalchuk wouldn';t be on
    this list. His 13 regular season hat tricks have occurred in 816 games, with one in 1.6 percent of games. Although he hasn';t had a hat trick since the 2011-12 season, he had three in 2007-08. In total, he had 11 hat tricks with the Thrashers, two with the Devils, and doesn';t have any in the postseason.

    The only team he has multiple hat tricks against is the Tampa Bay Lightning with two, both as a Thrasher. The first occurred in 2005 when he had four goals
    and his second was a standard hat trick in 2007. Had the borderline hall of famer not left the NHL for five seasons to play in the KHL, it';s not unthinkable that he';d at least be second in hat tricks among active players.12
    - Evgeni Malkin

    Evgeni Malkin may not be among the 100 best players in NHL history, but his one
    regular season hat trick in 1.5 percent of games are behind only Ovechkin and Kovalchuk on this list. Malkin had three hat tricks during the 2011-12 season, two in 11 days between Jan. 3 and Jan. 14, 2008, and has one hat trick each of the past three seasons.Evgeni Malkin won the 2009 Conn Smythe Trophy with 14 goals and 36 points in 24 games that postseason. He scored a hat trick in Game Two of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Hurricanes.

    He has been particularly good against the Islanders and Lightning with two hat tricks against each, unsurprising as his 26 regular season goals against the Islanders are his most against one franchise. He also has two postseason hat tricks, one against the Hurricanes during the 2009 Playoffs which helped him win the Conn Smythe Trophy and one against the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2014.Progressive Leaders

    The NHL started off with a bang from a hat trick perspective in 1917-18, the league';s inaugural season, as Hall of Famers Cy Denneny and Joe Malone both tallied seven that season. Denneny finished with 25 hat tricks while Malone retired with 18. Denneny was the league';s sole career leader in hat tricks from the second season, in 1918-19, until the 1955-56 season when Maurice "Rocket" Richard tied him with 25.Maurice "Rocket" Richard took over as the sole leader in career hat tricks with 26 during the 1957-58 season and remained
    in the lead until the 1970-71 season when Bobby Hull surpassed him.

    Richard took the lead two seasons later, in 1957-58, and remained the all-time leader until the 1970-71 season when Bobby Hull surpassed him with 27 tricks. Hull';s 28 career hat tricks were tops until Phil Esposito took over during the
    1977-78 season and he led until Gretzky passed him during the 1984-85 season with 34 and has held the lead since.

    By individual seasons, Denneny and Malone';s seven hat tricks in 1917-18 remained the most in a single season until the 1980-81 season when Bossy surpassed them with nine. That record lasted less than a season when Gretzky had 10, a record that remains intact.Yearly Leaders2017-18 (3) - Alex Ovechkin,
    Connor McDavid, Alex DeBrincat

    Ovechkin scored all three of his hat tricks in 2017-18 before the calendar flipped to 2018. He opened the season with back-to-back hat tricks on Oct. 5, with three goals against the Senators and Oct. 7, with four goals against the Montreal Canadiens. His third hat trick occurred on Nov. 25 against the Maple Leafs.

    Connor McDavid';s first hat trick was against the Calgary Flames in the Oilers first game on Oct. 4 when he scored all three of his team';s goals. His second was on Feb. 5 against the Lightning when he netted four goals and added an assist and his final hat trick was on Feb. 18 against the Avalanche. Alex DeBrincat';s three hat tricks were the first three of his career, against the Anaheim Ducks on Nov. 27, the Red Wings on Jan. 25, and the Blues on March 18.2016-17 (3) - Patrik Laine

    Patrik Laine';s three hat tricks during the 2016-17 season led the league and were the first three of his career, making him the youngest in league history with three. The first was against the Maple Leafs on Oct. 19 and was followed up by ones against the Stars on Nov. 8 and Feb. 14.Patrik Laine led the league with three hat tricks during the 2016-17 season. (Amy Irvin / The Hockey Writers)2015-16 (3) - Zach Parise

    Three of Zach Parise';s five career hat tricks took place during the 2015-16 season as a member of the Wild. Like Ovechkin and McDavid listed above, Parise';s first hat trick that season was in the Wild';s first game and on the road against the Avalanche. He also had one on the road against the Blue Jackets on Jan. 5 and one at home against the Flames on March 24.2014-15 (3) - Corey Perry

    Corey Perry';s first hat trick of the 2014-15 campaign occurred in the Ducks'; 6-4 loss to the Penguins to open the season on Oct. 9. On Oct. 22, he had a three-goal game against the Buffalo Sabres and finished with one against the Maple Leafs on Jan. 14.2013-14 (3) - Tyler Seguin, Joe Pavelski, Max Pacioretty

    Tyler Seguin has eight career hat tricks, including seven as a Star. His three hat tricks during the 2013-14 season are his most in a season and included a four-goal game on the road against the Flames and home hat tricks against the Flyers and Canucks. All four of Joe Pavelski';s career hat tricks occurred in road games and during the 2013-14 season, they were against the Lightning, Flyers, and Oilers. The third player who tied for the league lead was Max Pacioretty, with hat tricks against the Wild, Canucks, and Senators.Tyler Seguin has seven hat tricks with the Stars. Three of them occurred during the 2013-14 season when he tied for the league lead. (Amy Irvin / The Hockey Writers)Times Leading the League8 - Maurice "Rocket" Richard

    Richard led the league in hat tricks a record eight times between 1944 and 1955, including three consecutive seasons between 1946-47 and 1948-49 and never
    had more than four in a season.6 - Bobby Hull

    Bobby Hull tied or led the NHL outright six times, including four straight seasons between 1963-64 and 1966-67. He finished his NHL career with 28 regular
    season hat tricks and added another 13 in the WHA.5 - Charlie Conacher

    Charlie Conacher led the league in hat tricks five times during the 1930s as a member of the Maple Leafs. He finished his career with 15 regular season hat tricks.Charlie Conacher led the league in hat tricks five times, all as a member of the Maple Leafs.5 - Cy Denneny

    Denneny, the league';s original hat trick king, led the league in the category five times in the league';s first seven seasons.5 - Gordie Howe

    Although Gordie Howe';s career spanned five decades, all five times he led the league in hat tricks occurred between 1949-50 and 1956-57. He finished with 19 regular season hat tricks in the NHL and never had more than three in a season.

    *Notable that Gretzky only led the led in hat tricks three times.Times in the Top-10 for Hat Tricks in the Last 10 Seasons5 - Alex Ovechkin

    Top-10 in 2008-09, 2012-13, 2015-16, 2016-17, and 2017-18.3 - Corey Perry

    Top-10 in 2010-11, 2011-12, and 2014-15.Corey Perry was top-10 in the league in
    hat tricks in 2010-11, 2011-12, and 2014-15. (Amy Irvin / The Hockey Writers)3
    - Steven Stamkos

    Top-10 in 2010-11, 2011-12, and 2013-14.3 - Eric Staal

    Top-10 in 2008-09, 2009-10, and 2010-11.Hat Tricks by Season - Past 10 Seasons2017-18 - 81

    Most For: Chicago Blackhawks/New York Islanders/Winnipeg Jets - 5

    Most Against: Carolina Hurricanes - 6

    Fewest For: Detroit Red Wings/Ottawa Senators - 0

    Fewest Against: New Jersey Devils/Vancouver Canucks - 02016-17 - 59

    Most For: Chicago Blackhawks - 5

    Most Against: Dallas Stars/Tampa Bay Lightning - 5

    Fewest For: Arizona Coyotes/Buffalo Sabres/Calgary Flames/Los Angeles Kings/Vancouver Canucks - 0

    Fewest Against: Los Angeles Kings/New Jersey Devils/New York Rangers - 02015-16 - 67

    Most For: Calgary Flames - 6

    Most Against: Edmonton Oilers - 6

    Fewest For: Florida Panthers/New Jersey Devils/St. Louis Blues - 0

    Fewest Against: Dallas Stars/New York Islanders/Tampa Bay Lightning/Washington
    Capitals - 02014-15 - 49

    Most For: St. Louis Blues - 7

    Most Against: Arizona Coyotes/Buffalo Sabres - 5

    Fewest For: Boston Bruins/Buffalo Sabres/Chicago Blackhawks/Florida Panthers/Philadelphia Flyers - 0

    Fewest Against: Minnesota Wild/New York Rangers/Winnipeg Jets - 02013-14 - 56

    Most For: San Jose Sharks - 6

    Most Against: Colorado Avalanche/Ottawa Senators/Vancouver Canucks - 5

    Fewest For: Buffalo Sabres/Colorado Avalanche/Columbus Blue Jackets/Florida Panthers/Vancouver Canucks/Winnipeg Jets - 0

    Fewest Against: Boston Bruins/Detroit Red Wings/Los Angeles Kings/Montreal Canadiens/Pittsburgh Penguins - 02012-13 - 32

    Most For: Philadelphia Flyers - 4

    Most Against: Nashville Predators - 3

    Fewest For: 13 teams had no hat tricks

    Fewest Against: 10 teams allowed no hat tricks2011-12 - 55

    Most For: Tampa Bay Lightning - 6

    Most Against: Tampa Bay Lightning - 5

    Fewest For: Buffalo Sabres/Carolina Hurricanes/Dallas Stars/Minnesota Wild/St.
    Louis Blues/Winnipeg Jets - 0

    Fewest Against: Detroit Red Wings/Los Angles Kings/Minnesota Wild/Montreal Canadiens/Pittsburgh Penguins/St. Louis Blues - 02010-11 - 76

    Most For: Anaheim Ducks - 7

    Most Against: Atlanta Thrashers - 7

    Fewest For: Dallas Stars/Florida Panthers/Minnesota Wild/Toronto Maple Leafs -

    Fewest Against: Detroit Red Wings/Montreal Canadiens/Pittsburgh Penguins/Vancouver Canucks/Washington Capitals - 02009-10 - 67

    Most For: Vancouver Canucks - 8

    Most Against: Colorado Avalanche - 5

    Fewest For: Anaheim Ducks/Atlanta Thrashers/Edmonton Oilers - 0

    Fewest Against: Florida Panthers/New Jersey Devils - 02008-09 - 65

    Most For: Calgary Flames/Carolina Hurricanes - 6

    Most Against: Toronto Maple Leafs - 7

    Fewest For: Colorado Avalanche/Detroit Red Wings/Minnesota Wild/San Jose Sharks/Vancouver Canucks - 0

    Fewest Against: Boston Bruins/Montreal Canadiens/Philadelphia Flyers/San Jose Sharks - 0Hat Tricks by TeamAnaheim Ducks

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 53

    Career Leader: Teemu Selanne - 13

    Season Leader: Teemu Selanne (1997-98), Corey Perry (2010-11), Corey Perry (2014-15) - 3Teemu Selanne';s 13 hat tricks with the Anaheim Ducks remain a franchise record. (James Guillory-US PRESSWIRE)Arizona Coyotes

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 110

    Career Leader: Dale Hawerchuk - 12

    Season Leader: Teemu Selanne (1992-93) - 5Boston Bruins

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 323

    Career Leader: Phil Esposito - 26

    Season Leader: Phil Esposito (1970-71) - 7Buffalo Sabres

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 191

    Career Leader: Rick Martin - 21

    Season Leader: Rick Martin (1975-76), Alex Mogilny (1992-93) - 7Calgary Flames

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 198

    Career Leader: Kent Nilsson - 14

    Season Leader: Kent Nilsson (1982-83), Lanny McDonald (1982-83), Hakan Loob (1987-88), Theo Fleury (1990-91) - 5Lanny McDonald';s five hat tricks during the 1982-83 season are tied with three others for most in Calgary Flames history.Carolina Hurricanes

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 121

    Career Leader: Eric Staal - 13

    Season Leader: Eric Staal (2008-09) - 4Chicago Blackhawks

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 280

    Career Leader: Bobby Hull - 28

    Season Leader: Bobby Hull (1959-60, 1965-66) - 4Colorado Avalanche

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 156

    Career Leader: Peter Stastny - 16

    Season Leader: Miroslav Frycer (1981-82), Peter Stastny (1982-83) - 4Columbus Blue Jackets

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 34

    Career Leader: Rick Nash - 5

    Season Leader: Tyler Wright (2002-03), Rick Nash (2008-09), Jeff Carter (2011-12) - 2Rick Nash is the Columbus Blue Jackets'; all-time leader in goals so it';s only fitting that he leads them in career hat tricks with five. (Jeanine Leech/Icon SMI)Dallas Stars

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 154

    Career Leader: Dino Ciccarelli - 14

    Season Leader: 8 Players - 3Detroit Red Wings

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 281

    Career Leader: Gordie Howe - 19

    Season Leader: Frank Mahovlich (1968-69) - 4Edmonton Oilers

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 208

    Career Leader: Wayne Gretzky - 43

    Season Leader: Wayne Gretzky (1981-82, 1983-84) - 10Florida Panthers

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 42

    Career Leader: Pavel Bure - 10

    Season Leader: Pavel Bure (1999-00, 2000-01) - 4Pavel Bure was only a Florida Panther for two full seasons yet remains their career leader in hat tricks with
    10, double the next highest total. (Mandatory Credit: Rick Stewart/Getty Images/NHLI)Los Angeles Kings

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 191

    Career Leader: Marcel Dionne - 191

    Season Leader: Jimmy Carson (1987-88) - 5Minnesota Wild

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 26

    Career Leader: Marian Gaborik - 9

    Season Leader: Marian Gaborik (2002-03), Zach Parise (2015-16) - 3Montreal Canadiens

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 407

    Career Leader: Maurice "Rocket" Richard - 26

    Season Leader: Joe Malone (1917-18) - 7Nashville Predators

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 34

    Career Leader: Filip Forsberg - 5

    Season Leader: Filip Forsberg (2015-16, 2016-17) - 2In his fourth full season with the Nashville Predators, Filip Forsberg registered his franchise-best fifth career regular season hat trick, passing Steve Sullivan, who had been with Nashville parts of six seasons. (Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports)New Jersey Devils

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 91

    Career Leader: Patrik Elias - 8

    Season Leader: Kirk Muller (1987-88), John MacLean (1988-89), Patrik Elias (2000-01) - 3New York Islanders

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 195

    Career Leader: Mike Bossy - 39

    Season Leader: Mike Bossy (1980-81) - 9New York Rangers

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 275

    Career Leader: Bill Cook - 9

    Season Leader: Tomas Sandstrom (1986-87) - 4Ottawa Senators

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 60

    Career Leader: Daniel Alfredsson - 8

    Season Leader: Marian Hossa (2002-03), Dany Heatley (2006-07) - 3Daniel Alfredsson had eight regular season hat tricks in his career, all with the Ottawa Senators and two more than anyone else in Senators history. (Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports)Philadelphia Flyers

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 201

    Career Leader: Tim Kerr - 17

    Season Leader: Tim Kerr (1984-85) - 5Pittsburgh Penguins

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 230

    Career Leader: Mario Lemieux - 40

    Season Leader: Mario Lemieux (1988-89) - 9San Jose Sharks

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 63

    Career Leader: Patrick Marleau - 17

    Season Leader: Jonathan Cheechoo (2005-06) - 5St. Louis Blues

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 167

    Career Leader: Brett Hull - 27

    Season Leader: Brett Hull (1991-92) - 8Tampa Bay Lightning

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 55

    Career Leader: Martin St. Louis, Steven Stamkos - 8

    Season Leader: Wendel Clark (1998-99) - 3Hall of Famer Martin St. Louis is tied with Steven Stamkos for most hat tricks in Tampa Bay Lightning history with eight. (Photo By Andy Martin Jr)Toronto Maple Leafs

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 326

    Career Leader: Darryl Sittler - 18

    Season Leader: Reg Noble (1917-18), Babe Dye (1924-25), Darryl Sittler (1980-81) - 5Vancouver Canucks

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 139

    Career Leader: Tony Tanti, Markus Naslund - 10

    Season Leader: Petri Skriko (1986-87) - 4Vegas Golden Knights

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 2

    Career Leader: William Karlsson - 2

    Season Leader: William Karlsson (2017-18) - 2Washington Capitals

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 140

    Career Leader: Alex Ovechkin - 20

    Season Leader: Dennis Maruk (1980-81, 1981-82), Peter Bondra (1995-96), Alexander Semin (2010-11) - 4Alex Ovechkin became the Washington Capitals'; franchise leader in regular season hat tricks in 2017-18 with 20 after he added
    three to his total during the season. (Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports)Winnipeg Jets

    Number of Hat Tricks in Franchise History: 44

    Career Leader: Ilya Kovalchuk - 44

    Season Leader: Ilya Kovalchuk (2007-08), Patrik Laine (2016-17) - 3Postseason Hat TricksMost in a Career

    10 - Wayne Gretzky

    The career leader in postseason goals and points with 122 and 382, respectively, it';s only fitting that Gretzky has the most playoff hat tricks as well. He was unbelievable in the postseason, averaging .59 G/G, just behind his .60 average for the regular season, had six postseasons with at least 10 goals, five with 30 or more points, and four with multiple hat tricks.

    He had seven playoff hat tricks with the Oilers, two with the Rangers, one as a
    member of the Kings, and also had a postseason hat trick in the WHA. His most famous one occurred with the Kings in Game Seven of the conference finals against the Maple Leafs when he had a point in four of his team';s five goals with three goals and an assist.

    7 - Jari Kurri

    Gretzky';s long-time teammate Jari Kurri occupies the second spot on this list,
    again fitting, as he';s third all-time in postseason goals and points with 106
    and 233, respectively. He had five postseasons with 10-plus goals and led the league four times in the category. All seven of Kurri';s playoff hat tricks occurred with the Oilers, including four in 1985. He had back-to-back three-goal games on May 14 and 16 that year in the conference finals against the Black Hawks.Jari Kurri (17) had a higher goalscoring average in the postseason than in the regular season and was instrumental in the Edmonton Oilers winning five Stanley Cups. He led the postseason in goals four of the five years they won Cups. (Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios/Getty Images)

    7 - Maurice "Rocket" Richard

    Richard won eight Stanley Cups in his career, all with the Canadiens. He had seven postseason hat tricks in his career but only multiple in one year, 1944. He registered at least one hat trick in five of the postseasons that resulted in Stanley Cups: 1944, 1953, 1956, 1957, and 1958. He was the playoff leader in
    goals five times and scored four or more goals in a game three times in the playoffs. That included a five-goal effort on March 23, 1944 in Game Two of the
    opening series against the Maple Leafs.

    6 - Dino Ciccarelli

    If you didn';t grow up watching Dino Ciccarelli play, it';s easy to overlook just how good he was. He scored 608 regular season goals, 18th all-time, and added 73 in the playoffs, 13th all-time. In fact, his goalscoring rate increased in the postseason, from .49 G/G in the regular season to .52 G/G in the playoffs. He had six hat tricks in the postseason but never multiple in a year. He had two hat tricks each with the Minnesota North Stars, Capitals, and Red Wings.Dino Ciccarelli scored over 600 goals in the regular season and added
    73 in the postseason, but in only 141 games. He also had six hat tricks in the
    playoffs, two each with the North Stars, Capitals, and Red Wings. (Clyde Caplan/Flickr)

    5 - Mike Bossy

    Bossy';s prolific goalscoring carried over to the postseason with 85 goals, sixth-most in history, in 129 games, tied for 163rd all-time. That .66 G/G average in the postseason is second only to Lemieux. Bossy led the postseason in goals three straight years between 1981 and 1983 with 17 goals each and had four postseasons with 10-plus goals. He had five playoff hat tricks, including three in 1983 when the Islanders won the final Stanley Cup of their dynastic run. He had four goals in the series-clinching Game Seven of the conference finals against the Bruins.Most in a Single Postseason

    4 - Jari Kurri (1985)

    Kurri paced the 1985 Playoffs with 19 goals alongside 12 assists in 18 games en
    route to helping the Oilers defeat the Flyers in five games in the Stanley Cup
    Final. He had four hat tricks that postseason, one in the conference semifinals and three in the conference finals.

    His semifinal hat trick was against the Jets on April 25 when he tallied three goals and one assist. His three conference finals hat tricks were against the Black Hawks between May 7 and 16. He had a standard three-goal hat trick on May
    7 and registered back-to-back ones with three goals and two assists on May 14 and four goals on May 16.

    3 - Mike Bossy (1983)

    Like Kurri, Bossy';s hat tricks during the 1983 Playoffs resulted in his team winning the Stanley Cup. For Bossy and the Island
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