• New Files on Sursum Corda! BBS

    From NEF File Manager@1:396/45 to All on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 02:24:51
    The following Files were received for distribution at hub 1:396/45
    (Sursum Corda! BBS, Meridian, MS):

    pasndlst.255 31911 Area: PASCLNET Origin: 115:115/16
    Daily PascalNt Nodelist

    stndlist.z55 13870 Area: STN_OLIST Origin: 111:111/1
    STN Daily made nodelist

    pasndlst.z55 9542 Area: PASCLNET Origin: 115:115/16
    PascalNt Daily nodelist

    NOTE ON INTERNET TRANSFERS (FTP by Mail and Standard FTP): Files
    are available by TWO methods from this system:
    (1)Service by e-mail to <irex396-45@sstar.com>. The subject line must
    be FREQ. To get the full index of files make the first line of the
    message FREQ FILES or FREQ NEW for just new files (<10 days old). To
    request a file use the command FREQ xxxxxxxx.xxx (where xxxxxxxx.xxx
    is the file name you want). Close with a standard tear line (---).
    Your requests will be returned to your e-mail address UUEncoded.
    (2)Standard FTP. Log in to ftp.sursum-corda.com as user Anonymous.
    Send your e-mail address as the password. Each directory contains
    an "00INDEX.TXT" file as an index of the files in that directory.
    Make sure to use Binary transfers for all files.

    --- NEF/pk OS/2 2.44
    * Origin: Sursum Corda! BBS-Huntsville, AL-bbs.sursum-corda.com (1:396/45)