• Binkd 1.1a101 binaries for Win32, Win64, OS/2, DOS

    From Max Vasilyev@2:5057/77 to All on Sunday, April 19, 2020 02:41:30
    Hello All!



    2020/04/05 20:33:09 git
    Update README.md
    Fixed incorrect instructions and beautified the steps into a tested and verified cookbook style Howto.

    2020/01/30 10:21:49 1.1a-101 git
    Fix an out-of-bounds error on sockaddrs.
    The `invalidAddresses` vector in `client.c` is used
    to hold invalid addresses `binkd` should not use.
    However, the array was of type `struct sockaddr`,
    which is not large enough to hold all of the
    protocol-specific data of the `struct sockaddr_*`
    structures. As a result, `binkd` would access
    out-of-bounds memory when examining elements of
    the array.

    Fixed by redefining `invalidAddresses` to be an
    array of type `struct sockaddr_storage`, which is
    guaranteed by POSIX to be large enough to hold all
    data associated with a socket address for any
    protocol family.

    Signed-off-by: Dan Cross <cross@fat-dragon.org>

    2020/01/30 10:21:13 1.1a-100 git
    client.c,2.108,2.109 ftnnode.c,2.50,2.51 iphdr.h,2.28,2.29 protocol.c,2.236,2.237 readcfg.c,2.113,2.114 readcfg.h,2.44,2.45
    Fix use-after-free bug in get_host_and_port.
    Don't use pointer assignment in this function,
    but rather, copy into a fixed-length buffer.

    Fixes #15

    Signed-off-by: Dan Cross <cross@fat-dragon.org>

    2019/01/23 09:16:18 git
    binkdfaq-en.txt,2.7,2.8 binkdfaq-ru.txt,2.7,2.8
    add a question on non-ASCII domains

    2018/05/14 22:32:57 git
    configure,2.56,2.57 configure.in,2.56,2.57
    Updated autoconf scripts

    * Originally in RU.BINKD
    * Crossposted in BINKD

    WBR, Max. piwamoto!»¿ßѼ-¡ÑΓ
    --- ߬πτáε »« FleetStreet'π :-(((
    * Origin: Personal Reality (2:5057/77)
  • From Michiel van der Vlist@2:280/5555 to Max Vasilyev on Sunday, April 19, 2020 01:14:35
    Hello Max,

    On Sunday April 19 2020 02:41, you wrote to All:


    D:\FIDO\BINKD>binkd binkd.cfg
    01:11 [1140] d:\fido\binkd\nodes.cfg: line 27: error in configuration files
    ? 01:11 [1140] -64: unknown option for `node' keyword
    ! 01:11 [1140] error in configuration, aborting

    D:\FIDO\BINKD>binkd -vv
    Binkd 1.1a-101-mv (Apr 18 2020 21:23:59/Win32)
    Compilation flags: mingw32, zlib, bzlib2, perldl, https, ntlm, amiga_4d_outbound, bwlim, ipv6.
    Facilities: fts5004 ipv6

    Cheers, Michiel

    --- GoldED+/W32-MSVC 1.1.5-b20170303
    * Origin: http://www.vlist.eu (2:280/5555)