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    Subj: linux dos emulators for bink/max/squish anyone?

    Below is a forwarded message from a previous discussion on DOS Box.

    You can set up virtual modems in DOS Box, and there're a number of Linux ports (FreeBSD, Fedora, Gentoo).

    You can also use VMware.

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    Sat 2007-04-28 15:46, Ryan de Laplante (1:229/1394) wrote to All:

    Has anyone tried running the DOS version of Maximus, Squish, BNU
    and door games inside of dosemu or dosbox?

    A few months ago I had a quick play with Telix running under DOSBox. From memory, it worked OK, but would drop characters occasionally, which caused Zmodem to fail. There were probably some configuration settings to fix that.

    DOSBox can be set up so it can listen on a TCP port and redirect data to its virtual COM port. In dosbox.conf:

    serial1=modem listenport:5000

    If you can somehow get the Linux version of Maximus to make an outbound TCP connection, you could tell it to start DOSBox and run the DOS door game then connect to localhost on the port DOSBox is listening on.

    Or you could just run the DOS version of Maximus under DOSBox, and put up with whatever limitations it has compared to the Linux version.

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