From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to All on Friday, October 01, 2010 02:15:00
    Fidonet BINKLEY (BinkleyTerm Support) Echo Rules
    Updated 17 February 2009

    Moderator: Sean Dennis (1:18/200)

    This echo is for the discussion and support of the BinkleyTerm front-end mailer. The discussion of anything that is tied to BinkleyTerm, POTS
    (Plain Old Telephone System) and dialup BBSing is allowed.

    General guidelines and policies are in place to help facilitate the smooth
    flow of conversation in here. By your participation in this echo, you
    agree to abide by the following:

    -- Please do not overquote. There is no need to quote twenty (20) lines
    of a message to respond with "I agree!" or something like that. You
    need to remember that even in this day and age of Fidonet over the
    internet, people still pay for their bandwidth and the extra data
    isn't appreciated.

    -- No flaming (this includes operating system flames) and no profanity
    is allowed. If you wouldn't say it to your mother, don't say it in here.

    -- No ads of any kind (except for a new version of BinkleyTerm, but I
    doubt that's gonna happen).

    -- Except for P4, no local/regional echomail policies (such as EP1) are
    recognized in this echo.

    -- English is the primary language of this echo, however, I do realize that
    there are non-native English speakers in here. You may speak in your
    native tongue as long as there is an English translation (to the best
    of your availability) available in the same message.

    -- Let the moderator do the moderating. If you have issues with someone
    else, take them to netmail or email and not in the echo. If you have
    a problem with the moderator, please take it to netmail.

    -- This is a living document and subject to change without notice by the

    -- Please do not gate this echo outside of Fidonet by any means without
    written permission of the moderator.

    Thank you for your participation in BINKLEY!

    --Sean Dennis
    BINKLEY Moderator
    --- Ezyutil V2.15g2
    * Origin: Nocturnal State BBS - 423.926.7999 (1:18/200)